Green Gabion Basket – Advanced Gabion Basket to Grow Plants

Gabion basket is filled with rocks, on the top of the basket, grass have grown.
GGB-01: Green gabion baskets keep rocks and topsoil inside, this system guarantees the stability of slopes and creates a greening appearance.

Compared with our classic gabion basket, our green gabion basket is characterized by smaller and specific mesh opening and long tail, which helps to grow plants and prevent erosion. Green gabion basket is adapt to slopes, embankment, dam, channel lining and so on. It functions as retaining wall to realize a erosion control, earth stabilization and vegetation restoration.

Here we recommend you one of our most green gabion basket. It is fabricated from heavily galvanized and PVC coated steel wire into double twisted wire mesh. The suitable opening mesh size is 8 × 10 cm. The basket, except for normal panels, consists of lid to seal the basket, a tail for additional reinforcement force, and two diaphragms which make a rectangle basket into three small square cells for stone and topsoil containment.

Gabion basket and rocks make a retaining wall to deter something or protect something.
GGB-02: Traditional gabion basket is be used as retaining wall.
Besides a winding road, a stepped slope is covered with grass.
GGB-03: Green gabion basket and the inside filler have made a green and stepped slope.
Stuff soil with galvanized gabion basket fully, fiber blanket is combined with the gabion basket.
GGB-04: Soil is filled into the heavily galvanized green gabion basket, coconut fiber blanket is connect on the front face of the green gabion basket.
Seeding is sprayed onto the surface of hexagonal wire mesh.
GGB-05: After the installation of green gabion basket, it takes the hydroseeding technique.
Grass have germinated and grown up through the fiber blanket.
GGB-06: Several month after, grass have shown.
A road winds its way, a several level slope is located besides the way.
GGB-07: A small hill slope is overgrown with grass everywhere with the help of green gabion basket.

Specification of green gabion basket:

  • Material: heavily galvanized steel wire with PVC coating.
  • Opening mesh size: 8 × 10 cm.
  • Wire diameter (mm): 2.2 for inter diameter, 3.2 for external diameter after PVC coating; or 2.7 for inter diameter, 3.7 for external diameter after PVC coating.
  • Selvage wire diameter (mm): 2.7 for inter diameter, 3.7 for external diameter after PVC coating; or 3.4 for inter diameter, 4.4 for external diameter after PVC coating.
  • Additional sizes may be available upon request.
Table 1: specification of 2.4 m-wide three cells green gabion basket
Length ft (m) Width ft (m) Height ft (m)
9 (2.7) 7.29 (2.4) / 4.86 (1.6) 2.5 (0.76) / 1.5 (0.5)
12 (3.7) 7.29 (2.4) / 4.86 (1.6) 2.5 (0.76) / 1.5 (0.5)
15 (4.6) 7.29 (2.4) / 4.86 (1.6) 2.5 (0.76) / 1.5 (0.5)
18 (5.5) 7.29 (2.4) / 4.86 (1.6) 2.5 (0.76) / 1.5 (0.5)
Note: 2.4 m-wide gabion basket is a three cells green basket, 1.6 m-wide gabion basket is a two cells green basket, the basket tail is variable, the height could be 0.5 or 0.76 m. You could choose a two cells or three cells basket of this specification.
Table 2: specification of 2 m-wide two cells green gabion basket
Length ft (m) Width ft (m) Height ft (m)
6 (1.8) 6 (2) 3 (1) / 1.5 (0.5)
9 (2.7) 6 (2) 3 (1) / 1.5 (0.5)
12 (3.7) 6 (2) 3 (1) / 1.5 (0.5)
15 (4.6) 6 (2) 3 (1) / 1.5 (0.5)
Note: This 2 m-wide basket is a two cells green basket, the basket tail is variable, the height could be 0.5 or 1 m.
This is a three cells green gabion basket with variable length tail.
GGB-08: The width of this three cells basket is 2.43 m, a two cells basket of this style is available. The height could be 0.5 or 0.76 m.
This is a two cells green gabion basket with variable length tail.
GGB-09: The width of this two cells basket is 2 m, the height could be 0.5 or 1 m.
A row of green gabion basket is placed on the bare slope.
GGB-10: Step 1: Empty green gabion basket is in a line.
Workers are fill rocks into the galvanized green gabion basket.
GGB-11: Step 2: Fill rocks into empty basket.
A worker is layering soil on the retaining wall.
GGB-12: Step 3: Layering soil onto the surface.
Grass have grown up from the original bare slope.
GGB-13: Step 4: Vegetated slope is created.


  • Green gabion basket is a versatile, modular system for permanent slope reinforcement and vegetation in the front face of the reinforced soil slopes.
  • With the planting root system, green gabion basket makes the slopes be more stable.
  • The green gabion basket has an integral panel keyed into the backfill, which will allow high strength stabilization without using high mass stone fills.
  • The great flexibility allows it shall be used in a wide range of applications.
  • The heavily galvanization and PVC coating guarantees a corrosion resistant ability.
  • It is cost effective compared with other gabion walls.
  • It is easy to install and therefore is labor saving and time saving.

Green gabion basket – compatible products and planting techniques:

Green gabion basket could be combined with fiber blanket, woven polyester fabric in chain mesh with weft insertion to realize a vegetation effect, combined with geotextile or other woven mesh soil reinforcement to prevent soil loss and realize a soil reinforcement effect.

Grass grow up through fiber blanket.
GGB-14: Coconut fiber blanket and white plastic mesh is sandwiched between soil and galvanized green gabion basket.
Green fibergalss mesh is supplied on the fiber blanket in order to tight the blanket.
GGB-15: The interlayer material between galvanized hexagonal wire mesh and soil is a combined product of fiber blanket and fiberglass woven mesh.
Four levels of green gabion basket is fixed together.
GGB-16: Green geotextile with little holes could be the sandwich material.
Four levels of gabion basket is piled together, the lowest level is a welded gabion basket.
GGB-17: Fiberglass and nylon netting is strong enough to hole soil and plant roots.
A yellow machine is compressing soil.
GGB-18: Geotextile is placed vertically to prevent soil loss.
Geogrid is placed horizontally, soil is layered upon for a soil loss prevention effect.
GGB-19: Geogrid could be used as tail for soil loss prevention effect.

Our green gabion basket is designed for soil bioengineering techniques such as live staking, brush layering and rooted plants to create a permanent, vegetating and armoured systems.

Normally it is used to construct a vertical or stepped facing according to the slope gradation and the aesthetic effect you want to reach.

Installation of green gabion basket:

  • Green gabion basket is supplied folded flat and packer in bundles. When assembly, the panels shall be unfolded to its designed shape, and the shipping folds shall removed by placing the fold over earth surface and walking along it. The four sides of the basket shall be connected first, then internal diaphragms by lacing wire and ring fasteners.
  • The cells shall be filled in two or three times, which means that any cell shouldn't be filled to a depth exceeding 1 ft (0.30 m) higher than the adjoining cell, to make sure that local deformation could be avoided. 2.5 ft (0.76 m) high green gabion basket shall be filled in three layers, 11 in and 22 in. Connecting wires shall be installed after the placement of each layer. 1.5 ft green gabion basket shall be filled in two layers, 9 in.
  • The geotextile, fiber basket and the other woven mesh soil reinforcement, and planting growing fiber material shall have a 12 in return at both bottom and top, to prevent soil loss.
  • The infilled rocks shall be hard, angular to round, durable and of such quality, the rocks shall range between 4 in (100 mm) and 8 in (200 mm). Mechanically stabilized earth structures shall be made of good free drainage, granular and selected fill. The recommended soil gradation is in the range of 0.00072 in (0.02 mm) to 0.75 in (19 mm).
Five figures illustrates the installation procedure of gabion basket.
GGB-20: Green gabion basket should be installed in proper sequence.

Accessories provide:

  • If hexagonal wire mesh panel tail is unwanted, geotextile shall also be the substitution for tail to prevent soil loss by water and reinforce the soil and slope stability.
  • If hexagonal wire mesh panel tail is unwanted, geogrid shall also be provided to stabilize the slope soil and will not influence the growing of plants.
  • Coconut fiber blanket and other sandwich materials used for planting growing and soil loss prevention in the top and front face is available..
  • The lacing wire and rings fasteners are provided.

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