Hexagonal Wire Mesh as Facing for Insulation Blanket

In conditions of heat, cold or vibration involved, such as boiler tank, pipelines, vessel, reactors, building architecture and other places, mineral fiber and rock wool blanket shall be applied over their surfaces. The blankets shall be secured with metal mesh, tie-wires and metal stitching in order to ensure the blanket will remain in its specific position. With a variety of options of metal mesh mechanically applied to one or both machine surfaces, hexagonal shaped woven netting is provided here.

Two types of hexagonal shaped woven netting are mainly supplied: galvanized wire mesh and stainless steel wire mesh. Both are manufactured into 1 in. (25 mm) sized mesh by No. 22 to 28 gauge wire. We also provide stitching and tie wires of specific specification used for securement with wire mesh facing.

A corner of yellow rock wool blanket with hexagonal wire mesh on top of it showed up.
HMMBF-01: Hexagonal wire mesh is applied over the rock wool board.
A roll of hexagonal wire mesh attached rock roll is lying on the ground.
HMMBF-02: Hexagonal wire mesh is applied over the rock wool blanket.

Specification of hexagonal metal mesh blanket facing:

  • Material:
    • Galvanized steel wire – For most applications up to 1200 °F.
    • 304 Stainless Steel – For most applications up to 1200 °F.
    • 430 Stainless Steel – More economical in applications up to 1000 °F.
    • Inconel 600 – In applications up to 2300 °F.
  • Wire gauge:
    • No. 20 to 22 gauge galvanized steel wire (0.88 to 0.73 mm diameter).
    • No. 20 to 22 gauge 304 stainless nonferrous steel wire (0.82 to 0.64 mm diameter).
    • No. 20 to 22 gauge 430 stainless and inconel wire.
  • Wire mesh opening size:
    • 1 in. (25 mm) sized hexagonal wire mesh opening.
    • 20 mm sized hexagonal wire mesh opening.
  • Specification of tie wire and stitching wire:
    • Minimum diameter No. 28 gauge (0.32 mm) for 300 series alloy, non-ferrous stainless steel tie wire or stitching. The spacing should be no greater than 12 in. (305 mm) apart passing vertically through the blanket. Spacing (attachment pattern) for vertical vertical steel tie wires and stitching must include rows within 2 in. (51 mm) from all edges of the blanket.
    • Minimum diameter No. 28 gauge (0.41 mm) for galvanized steel tie wire or stitching.
    • Other wire mesh types are available under request.
A roll of hexagonal wire mesh extends part of itself.
HMMBF-03: Galvanized hexagonal wire mesh.
A roll of hexagonal wire mesh is standing on table.
HMMBF-04: Hexagonal wire mesh roll.


  • It is used in one or both surfaces of mineral fiber or rock wool blanket in where required cold, thermal insulation and vibration are involved.
  • It is used for power plants, heaters, boilers, reactors, refineries gas crackers, expansion joints, large equipment.
  • It can be used for vessels, ducting system insulation.
  • It is used in boiler drum, steam piping, exhaust, turbines, oil tanks and chimneys.
A worker is plastering over the surface of hexagonal wire mesh wrapped rock wool blanket.
HMMBF-05: Plaster rendering.
Plaster has been totally spread over the boiler rock wool surface.
HMMBF-06: Plaster rendering finished.
Wrapping cloth and aluminum foil have been applied over the surface of boiler.
HMMBF-07: Cloth and aluminum foil should be applied over the plastering surface.
Jacket used to keep war is put on boiler.
HMMBF-08: Put jacket onto the boiler body.
The whole set of machine is wrapped with insulation material.
HMMBF-09: The insulation project for large machine has finished.
Rock wool blanket and pipe sleeve is used to protect the joints of process pipes.
HMMBF-10: Protect the pipe joints by rock wool blanket and pipe sleeve.
From the middle of a pipe, aluminum foil, hexagonal metal mesh covered rock wool blanket shows.
HMMBF-11: The process pipe preserves warm by aluminum foil, rock wool blanket.
The whole set of processing pipe is wrapped with rock wool blanket and pipe sleeves.
HMMBF-12: A brand new insulated process pipeline.
This is a pipe used in solar stem cooking system wrapped with hexagonal wire mesh covered rock wool blanket.
HMMBF-13: Insulation of pipe in solar energy collection system.
This is a solar energy receiver wrapped with rock wool blanket.
HMMBF-14: Insulation of solar receiver in solar energy collection system.
Rock wool has been perfectly applied over the big tank.
HMMBF-15: Firstly, apply rock wool over the storage tank surface.
Metal jacket is applied over the big tank after rock wool.
HMMBF-16: Secondly, apply the metal jacket over the big tank surface which can provide a essential tight fit.
Using pins and studs to combine rock wool blanket and cloth.
HMMBF-17: Stable rock wool blanket and covering cloth together.
A tank is half wrapped by jacket, the left half remains in rock wool blanket.
HMMBF-18: Rock blanket envelopes the storage tank.
A worker is managing the rock wool blanket over a blue reactor.
HMMBF-19: Insulation of reactor tank by rock wool blanket.
Most of the vessel has finished metal jacket wrapping, only remains a top corner shows rock wool appearance.
HMMBF-20: Insulation of huge vessel outdoor.
A black ship in harbor.
HMMBF-21: Insulation rock wool blanket with hexagonal wire mesh could be used in ship.
Four types of rock wool blanket are overlapped with each other.
HMMBF-22: We can provide you various types of hexagonal wire mesh used for different types of insulation rock wool and mineral fiber blanket..


  • Light weight but high strength.
  • Easy to handle, used and well performance.


  • The metal mesh covered blanket should be secured with tie wires or metal stitching, studs.
  • The adjacent blanket to be secured by lacing the mesh edges tightly together using 1 mm diameter galvanized soft iron wire at 100 mm centers.
  • Wired mat to be attached to equipment by 3-4 mm diameter welded steel pins and 40 mm steel washers.
  • Other accessories like plastering material, wrapping cloth and aluminum foil are not provided.

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