Slope Vegetation Used Planting Compacted Substrate Container

Planting growing bricks are packed into the hexagonal wire mesh cages, plants have grown out.
PGSC-01: For slope of steeper than 75°, planting growing substrate is put into hexagonal wire mesh cage so that to reach a more than 90% green coverage rate.

To stabilize gentle soil slope, geo-cell will work; to repair steep slope, hydroseeding technique is suitable; but for 75°-90° slope vegetation, neither of them works. An practical treatment for 75° slope is hanging planting compacted substrate container.

The planting compacted substrate is a brick shaped soil embryo, which consists of planting cultivation substrate, adhesive, fertilizer and so on. After that, planting seeds should be added onto soil embryo. Generally, the common size of a soil embryo is 40 × 25 × 10 cm, weights 15 kg.

Hold soil embryo into container so that it could be hung onto steeper slopes tightly. The container is made by PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh. Here our company recommends you the most popular container size. Diameter of heavily galvanized steel wire is 2.2 cm, the wire diameter will become 3.2 mm after PVC coating. The opening mesh size would be 36 cm2. The container size is 50 × 40 × 10 cm, which could hold two 40 × 25 × 10 cm soil embryos. Because of its heavily galvanization and PVC coating, the container survives more than 40 years.


  • Diameter of heavily galvanized steel wire: 2-4 mm.
  • Diameter of PVC coated wire: 3-5 mm.
  • The mesh opening size: 6 × 6 cm, 7 × 7 cm.
  • The soil embryo size: 50 × 40 × 10 cm.
  • Other soil embryo container sizes are also available under your request.


  • The wire mesh is heavily galvanized and PVC coated, therefore it could last for more than 40 years.
  • This combination of hexagonal wire mesh and soil embryo is suitable for an extensive range of situations.
  • This products makes it quicker and easier compared with other erosion control methods.


This planting growing substrate is especially suitable for 75°-90° slope; the slope could be full of rocks but it should be staple so that the heavy soil embryo could be attached onto. Generally speaking, the green coverage ratio could reach 90% more.

Five laborers are working on mountain, hung by ropes, to finish a slope vegetation project.
PGSC-02: Fix plant growing hexagonal wire mesh cage on the surface of rock mountain.
The upper part of mountain is full of cellar planting modules.
PGSC-03: The upper part of the slope vegetation is finished with product of hexagonal wire mesh cage and compacted planting substrate.


  • Clearance of slope surface: clear loose rocks away, fill planting pot or mud into the the tiny holes on surface.
  • Drill hole on slope from top to bottom so that galvanized screw (The diameter should be 12 mm, the depth should be 15-20 cm) could be fixed by cement.
  • Nutrient soil should be applied upon the hexagonal wire mesh cage before hanging it to screw from top of the slope to bottom, fasten the cage tightly by gasket and nut.
  • Plant shrubs, herbs suitable for local natural conditions into the gaps of cages.
  • Watering regularly and maintain.

Note: Our company supplies hexagonal wire mesh cage to hold plant growing compacted substrate only.

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