Trapezoidal Gabion Basket – Gradient of 45° or 60°

Trapezoidal gabion basket is a gabion basket that has an inclined face of 45° or 60°. It is used for erosion control and stabilization and restoration for slopes along highway, railway, residential areas or for rivers, shorelines, stream banks and so on.

Combine trapezoidal gabion basket with different interlayering material, the product helps to stabilize unsteady rocks and sandy soil for a steep slope, or it could help to slow water velocities and prevent sediment near the banks. Normally combine it with coconut fiber blanket on the facing panel, vegetated slopes could be created.

The heavily galvanized steel wire may be polyester coated for a more durable corrosion resistant ability. Steel wires shall be woven into double twisted hexagonal wire mesh. A 45° or 60° incline on the basket face will be necessary for a naturally inclined stone or greening stable slope. Trapezoidal gabion basket has an hexagonal wire mesh tail for additional soil or rock reinforcement force.

The tail made by hexagonal wire mesh is integrated with trapezoidal gabion basket, but geotextile, geogrid is also available in order to adapt to different situations.

This a sketch map of trapezoidal gabion basket, which shows the its width, length, height, gradient.
TGB-01: Trapezoidal gabion basket has an inclined gradient of 45° or 60°.

Specification of trapezoidal gabion basket:

  • Material: heavily galvanized steel double twisted wire mesh or PVC coated double twisted wire mesh.
  • Wire diameter (mm): 2.2 for inter diameter, 3.2 for external diameter after PVC coating; or 2.7 for inter diameter, 3.7 for external diameter after PVC coating.
  • Selvage wire diameter (mm): 2.7 for inter diameter, 3.7 for external diameter after PVC coating; or 3.4 for inter diameter, 4.4 for external diameter after PVC coating.
  • Mesh opening size (cm): 8 × 10.
  • Inclined gradient: 45° or 60°.
  • Tail length (ft): 1–3 ft.
  • Additional size is available under request.
Table 1: specification for trapezoidal gabion basket
Length Width Height Tolerance Face angle
6.0 ft. 3 ft. 1.5 ft. 5% 45°
6.0 ft. 3 ft. 1.5 ft. 5% 60°
The bottom of the slope is welded gabion basket, the upper four layers are hexagonal gabion with fiber blanket.
TGB-02: This is a coconut fiber blanket sandwiched trapezoidal gabion basket used on a small terrain slope.
Trapezoidal gabion baskets are made into a two steps terrain slope.
TGB-03: Trapezoidal gabion baskets are combined together into an integral two-steps slope.
Timber twigs have germinated through the coconut fiber blanket.
TGB-04: After hydroseeding, plants sprout.
Several steps have made beneath a residential house, each stop have three trapezoidal gabion basket.
TGB-05: Trapezoidal gabion basket could be used on a residential area.
A slope in the forest have plants all over it.
TGB-06: An inclined slope shows itself after the installation of trapezoidal gabion basket.
Beneath the road is a small river, on the flank of the road is trapezoidal gabion basket and grass on the surface of it.
TGB-07: Trapezoidal gabion basket could be used for vegetation besides river.
Two steps vegetated small slope winding its way along a small path.
TGB-08: Trapezoidal gabion basket could be used on the slope besides road.
Under the steep vegetated slope is a swimming pool, besides the swimming pool is a house.
TGB-09: Trapezoidal gabion basket could be used inside villa in order to create a small vegetated slope.


  • Compared with traditional gabion basket, trapezoidal gabion basket has a tail for soil and rock reinforcement.
  • It has an inclined gradation so that an steep but straight line could be formed on slope.
  • Combined this trapezoidal gabion basket with versatile interlayering materials, it could create a vegetated slope so that the roots system could enhance the corrosion resistant ability in advance.

Compatible products and bioengineering techniques:

Heavy coconut mat is not only an medium for plantings to grow and roots to get through but also is durable for 3 to 5 years that allow vegetation and soil stabilization. After years, planting roots have already make a solid system to support the slope and itself. Plastic mesh, nylon netting, fiberglass mesh, apertured geotextile and other materials could also be sandwiched between gabion basket facing and quality backfill for a vegetation effect. All of this provide a hospitable conditions for plant establishment.

Suitable bioengineering techniques for planting includes hydroseeding, brush layering, live staking in order to create a permanent vegetating and armoured slope protect system.

Assembly and installation:

Five figures show the installation procedures from panel to basket of trapezoidal gabion basket.
TGB-10: Assemble trapezoidal gabion basket by jointing four sides of the basket with its lid and bottom panel, fill rock and quality soil inside, next put another basket on the top of the lower one.

Lining the basket front face with coconut fiber mat or other substitute mesh, it should be guaranteed that an overlap of 12 in (30 cm) both at the top and bottom. Erecting the four sides together by lacing wires and makes sure they are all in the correct position.

Place trapezoidal gabion basket on a smooth and free of surface irregularities, loose material and vegetation level. Before infilling rocks and backfill, a row of gabion basket should be in place so that troublesome deformation could be avoided. In cosideration of the size of basket, two layer of rock should be guaranteed and size of rocks shall range between 4-8 in. What's more, the rocks shall be hard, angular to round, durable and of such quality so that they will not disintegrate on exposure to water or weathering or injures the PVC coating of gabion basket. To minimize voids, well-graded stone and quality backfill should be filled in to achieve a dense compact basket. The top soil should be sandy clay or the like, with organic material. The soil should be fertile and friable so that plantings could growing vigorously.

When more than one layer of basket is required, the next layer must be connected to this layer after this layer has been securely closed. In order to realize a continuous structure, the upper basket shall be connected to the top of the lower basket along the front and back edges of the contact surface.

After installation of trapezoidal gabion basket, compatible techniques could be chose to achieve an stable root system.


Except for the trapezoidal gabion basket, we provide you accessories for a well-performed system: coconut fiber blanket, nylon netting, plastic mesh, fiberglass wire mesh and apertured geotextile basket for vegetation; geotextile and geogrid for soil and rock reinforcement.


  • The trapezoidal gabion basket is folded and packaged in bundles or rolled for easy shipping and handing.
  • Lacing wire is shaped in coils and fasteners are shipped in boxes, coconut fiber and other interlayering materials are shipped in rolls.
Several trapezoidal gabion baskets are lying on the ground.
TGB-11: Product of trapezoidal gabion basket.
Several trapezoidal gabion baskets are lying besides a welded gabion.
TGB-12: Products will be folded and packaged in bundles.

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