Crawfish Wire – Ideal Material for Craw Fish Traps

A man is holding a crawfish trap in the pond.
Crawfish wire is efficient and durable for trap making.

Crawfish and crab fishermen, catchers, farmers and harvesters rely on sturdy, long-lasting crab wire to build their traps – the cornerstone of their business. In the past, distributors touted their products as 19 gauge crawfish wire, when it was actually a smaller, cheaper material that was measured after being coated with PVC.

Shandong Xingying Environmental Energy Technology Co. LTD sells only true 19 gauge crawfish wire that is measured before being hot-dipped galvanized and having a black vinyl coating applied.

The superior quality crawfish trap wire with PVC coating is the perfect combination of protection and functionality.

Why Choose us?

  • Professional manufacturer and factory gives you the most favorable prices.
  • Wholesale for commercial or distributors, not for retails.
  • Large stocks and fast delivery save your waiting time.
  • 3/4" or 11/16" hex mesh options.
  • 24" to 48" width for choice.
  • Standard 150' length and other customized lengths.
  • Black, blue, red, yellow and other colors for your choice.
  • Customized service is available for your own markets.

What Options of Crawfish Wire?

A drawing shows colors, width, length and mesh sizes of craw trap wire.
  • Material: PVC coating Wires
  • Mesh size: 3/4" or 11/16"
  • Width: 24", 36" or 48".
  • Length: Standard is 150'.
  • Color: Black, green, red, yellow, blue and other customized colors.


  • High strength to weight ratio of 19 gauge wire allows for high volume water flow.
  • PVC coating is excellent resistant to saltwater, corrosion and rusts.
  • Less maintenance and easy cleaning.
  • Reduced biofouling for extended life.
  • Twisted structure will not loose or snap.
  • Suitable for various fishes and ocean lives.
  • Available for fresh water or sea water.


It is an ideal materials for crawfish traps making. Additional, it is also best materials for crab traps, lobster traps, pinfish traps and other fish traps.

Several crawfish in the chicken wire crawfish trap.
A crawfish in the hexagonal wire mesh crawfish trap and the opening is small.
A man is holding a crawfish trap, which is full of crawfish.
A man is pouring crawfish in the crawfish trap into bucket.

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