Hexagonal Wire Mesh as Reinforcement Road

Hexagonal road mesh is engineering from double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh, with transverse rods are woven into the mesh at 245 mm intervals, which can effectively tension the hexagonal road mesh and therefore prevent the deformation of road.

Hexagonal road mesh is a single layer of high strength biaxial reinforcement mesh. Its three dimensional structure allows the the road paving connection layers to link together, ensuring an interaction that permits an immediate and excellent transfer of road paving load to the reinforcement mesh.

In view of this structure and function, it, therefore, is suitable for road where reflective cracking, slippage, deformation, deep rutting show when road renovation is preferential for its superiority of being time and cost saving. For new asphalt pavement, it could prevent and reduce crack reflection, asphalt fatigue and surfacing rutting for heavy traffic road and ensuring a high-traction, mud-free road.

There is an asphalt road, full of reflective crackings, especially a huge one in the middle of the road.
HRM-01: It is a common phenomenon that reflective crackings occurs on the asphalt and concrete road.
A layer of hexagonal wire mesh and asphalt have been applied onto the original cracking asphalt road.
HRM-02: Hexagonal wire mesh can be applied on road renovation project.
Three workers are spreading hexagonal wire mesh on a road, with the roll of mesh hanging on a circular tube, which is hung by a car.
HRM-03: Extending hexagonal wire mesh onto the road and driving a car to even the mesh.
This is a road with the left half paved with hexagonal wire mesh, the right half have finished asphalt paving project.
HRM-04: Hexagonal wire mesh functions as reinforcement in a road paving project.
A worker is paving asphalt on the surface of hexagonal wire mesh, under the wire mesh is also a layer of asphalt.
HRM-05: Hexagonal wire mesh could be used for asphalt road construction.
A car is extending a layer of concrete on the surface of hexagonal wire mesh, beneath the mesh is a thick layer of asphalt.
HRM-06: Hexagonal wire mesh could be used for concrete road construction, too.

Specification of hexagonal road mesh:
Material: galvanized steel wire.

Hexagonal road mesh Regular type Heavy duty
Diameter (woven wire) 2.20 mm 2.45 mm
Diameter (flat wire) 6.5 × 2.0 mm 7.0 × 3.0 mm
E-modulus 200 kN/mm2 200 kN/mm2
Mesh size 118 × 80 mm 118 × 80 mm
Distance between the reinforced wires, rods and double twisted wire 245 mm 245 mm
Length per roll Width Area Weight Weight
50 m 2.00 m 100 mm2 130 kg 173 kg
50 m 3.00 m 150 mm2 195 kg 260 kg
50 m 3.30 m 165 mm2 215 kg 285 kg
50 m 4.00 m 200 mm2 260 kg 345 kg

Four types of reinforced wire:

Different from common hexagonal wire mesh, our hexagonal road mesh have four types of reinforced wires to help to increase the integral reinforcement ability of hexagonal road mesh when it is applied on various road construction.

Transverse rod is woven into the hexagonal wire mesh on a asphalt road.
HRM-07: To stabilize the hexagonal wire mesh, a transverse rod is woven into the hexagonal wire mesh.
Twisted two steel wires, which functions as reinforcing rod, is woven into hexagonal wire mesh.
HRM-08: Two pieces of wire are twisted together for stabilization of hexagonal road mesh.
A compressed and then rolled up steel wire is woven into the hexagonal wire mesh.
HRM-09: A compressed and then rolled up steel wire functions as reinforce rod.
Two rods are woven into the hexagonal wire mesh.
HRM-10: A rod and a compressed then rolled up wire together functions as reinforce structure.

Application and function:

  • Polyester geogrid can only help to inhibit reflective cracking, whereas hexagonal wire mesh additionally structurally reinforces pavement, there for it is suitable for road innovation by resurfacing, but also for new-road build construction as foundation, for road widening project.
  • Hexagonal road mesh could be used for asphalt, concrete, turf pavements.
  • Hexagonal road mesh can be used for heavy, normal and light traffic road to prevent presence of reflected cracks and prolong the road service life, provide driver comfortable driving experience.
  • Hexagonal road mesh is suitable for equestrian purpose, such as stables, day yard, arenas, and other high use areas where horses would otherwise turn gravel and sand to mud in no time.
  • It suits for a wide range of application from private driveway, mine access road to airplane road as long as for a road structural reinforcement purpose.
Hexagonal wire mesh is applied on a aeroplane field.
HRM-11: In view of the reinforcement demand in aeroplane field, hexagonal wire mesh is usually used there.
In the middle of a highway road, a roll of hexagonal wire mesh has been extended out.
HRM-12: Hexagonal wire mesh is usually used on highway road project for its heavy road load.
The left part of a track is paved with hexagonal wire mesh, the right part is being rolled by a car after the asphalt applying is finished.
HRM-13: Hexagonal wire mesh can be used on farm track to increase its service life.
A part of hexagonal shows itself from the unfinished asphalt construction part on a road.
HRM-14: Hexagonal wire mesh helps to lock the asphalt aggregate.
Hexagonal wire mes is applied on the asphalt road, with a lock helps to combine the hexagonal wire mesh and the road foundation.
HRM-15: Hexagonal wire mesh is often used on asphalt road construction, but it can also be used on concrete, turfing and soil road construction, as long as for a reinforcement purpose.
Two layers of hexagonal wire mesh is overlapped together on a soil road.
HRM-16: Two layer of hexagonal wire mesh helps greatly increase the reinforcement on a soil road.


  • Hexagonal road mesh has strong resistance ability to natural destruction and bad weather like heavily rainfall.
  • It can absorb the tensile stresses beneath the asphalt layer.
  • It helps to lock the asphalt aggregates to increase the structure stability.
  • It provides extra toughness to the overall road structure.
  • It helps to share the load from asphalt road and therefore minimize the structure deformation at maximum.
  • It helps to reduce the construction time and thickness of asphalt layer for its perfect cooperation with asphalt and concrete.
  • It helps to reduce crack reflection, asphalt fatigue and surface rutting and therefore keeps road in a optimum condition over a minimum of 10 years.
  • It ensures a high-traction and mud-free surface all year round.
  • It suits for projects that on a limit budget condition.
  • Installation: Hexagonal wire mesh should be unrolled onto the surface and flattened to it by a roller. Then it should be fixed using nails before aggregate and asphalt applying. To increase the deformation resistance ability, two layer of mesh could be overlapped.


For transportation convenience, the hexagonal road mesh is supplied in rolls, normally in a length of 25 m to 50 m.


  • The distance between two guiding wire can be made as your request.
  • Customized specifications are acceptable.

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