Gabion Sack - Corrosion Resistance Cylindrical Stone Bag

Gabion sack is cylindrical bag woven by double twist hexagonal wire mesh. The wire of sack gabion is galfan, heavily galvanized, PVC coated or heavily galvanized plus PVC coated. Edge wire is thicker than the wire of mesh. It supplies with steel reinforcing wire inserted during the manufacturing process to facilitate closing during installation.

Gabion sack is filled with rocks at the project site, then placed tightly one by one. The structure is similar to gabion basket: flexible, permeable and monolithic structure. It can be used in emergency situation and river training, also provide defense from the erosion effect of water. Or it could be used as rocks transportation bag. On account of its flexible woven method and unfixed shape, it is hard to be cut off by rocks when place gabion sacks under water or on the bank of river. Therefore it is able to be filled and block sediment up under water.

When installing, it should be take care that do not damage the galvanized layer and PVC coating.

Gabion sacks are placed in front of the riverbank.
GS-1: Gabion sack is a cylindrical bag filled with stones used in river training work.
Some green plant grow in the spacing of stones beside the river.
GS-2: Gabion sack has stone spacing to convenient plant to grow and resistant to scour.
Galvanized gabion sacks full of stones are placed on roadside.
GS-3: Galvanized gabion sacks full of stones can be used as road after raining.
PVC coated gabion sack full with stones are placed in clearing.
GS-4: PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh can be used for gabion sack with good anti-corrosion.
A large bag made of hexagonal wire mesh takes rocks inside.
GB-5: Gabion sack holds rocks inside.
Two hooks are hanging two bags of rocks on the top of river.
GB-6: Gabion sacks take rocks on water for transportation.
Gabion sacks are placed on a soil field, two men are hanging one of them onto a excavator.
GB-7: Hanging the steel wire into the excavator.
An excavator is placing a bag of rocks on the river bank.
GB-8: Placing gabion sacks which contain rocks on a river bank as a barrier.


  • Material: low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, iron wire.
  • Surface treatment: galfan, galvanized, PVC coated, galvanized plus PVC coated.
  • Mesh opening shape: hexagon.
  • Weaving method: normal twist (double twisted or triple twisted), reverse twist (double twisted).
  • Nominal thickness of PVC coating layer is 0.5 mm to 4.0 mm.
  • Tensile strength of wire is above 380 MPa. The weight of zinc layer is above 245 g/m2. Selvedge wire is cruder than the wire of mesh. Tie wire is thinner than the wire of mesh.
  • Galvanized is hot dipped galvanized. Thickness of galvanized layer can be manufactured according to customer's requirement, maximum can reach 300 g/m2.
  • Length and diameter can be customized.
Gabion sack dimensions
This is a cylindrical bag marked diameter and length. Mesh opening (mm) Length (m) Diameter (m) Volume (m2)
50 × 70
60 × 80
80 × 100
100 × 120
120 × 150
1.8 0.6 0.54
1.8 0.9 1.2
2 0.65 0.66
2 0.85 1.15
2 0.95 1.42
2.7 0.6 0.8
2.7 0.9 1.8
3 0.65 0.99
3 0.85 1.7
3 0.95 2.13
4 0.65 1.32

Features of gabion sack

  • Corrosion, rust resistance.
  • Flexible, permeable, monolithic structure.
  • Resistant to deform, breaks will not spread and easy to repair.
  • Plant can grow in the spacing of stone.
  • High applicability, good or poor foundation is suitable.
  • Convenience, install quickly, effective, stable.
  • Low cost, long life.
  • PVC coated gabion sack has longer life.


  • Sack gabion is used in emergency situation and river training work when local conditions require fast installation.
  • Sack gabion can be used when the water does not allow for easy access to the site and when underwater installation is necessary.
  • Sack gabion can protect river banks from erosion, protect bridge and pier from scour.
  • Sack gabion also can control and guide water or flood the same as gabion basket.
  • Sack gabion can be used as the foundation of dam.
  • Sack gabion can be used for rock transportation.

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