Paddle Tennis and Platform Tennis Wire

Paddle tennis and platform tennis have specific and rigid requirements for its' courts fencing in order to adapt to it mode of motion. The designed mesh netting is hexagonal wire mesh.

By twisting the 16 gauge wires into triple continuous wire mesh netting and then heavily galvanizing, ie. GAW (galvanized after weave), thus the specialized paddle tennis and platform tennis courts fencing wire mesh is made. The heavily galvanizing process, which will guarantee a corrosion resistant ability, is completed in a rust inhibiting bath of molten zinc, and the zinc coated rate will be more than 350 g/m2. The size of each roll of paddle tennis wire is 72" × 180', the total weight of each roll will be 328 lbs.

The paddle tennis is made by 1" hexagonal wire mesh, it could not only used for paddle tennis and platform tennis courts fencing, but also an ideal overhead electrical grid in the ceiling of bumper car rides.

Paddle tennis and platform tennis wire specification:

  • Wire: 16 gauge.
  • Mesh size: 1".
  • Size of rolls: 72" × 180'.
  • Zinc rate: above 350 g/m2.
  • Manufacture: triple continuous twisted and then galvanization.
Two individual paddle tennis courts are adjacent with each other. People are exercising in winter with warm stem erupted.
PTW-01: This is an completed platform tennis court, in which people could exercise outside even in winter.
A part of platform tennis court with door is exhibited, hexagonal wire mesh is fixed in posts and doors.
PTW-02: Hexagonal wire mesh is fixed in posts and made itself a platform tennis courts fencing.
Five wire mesh openings are showed, the wire mesh is made by galvanized wire.
PTW-03: 16 gauge wires are woven into hexagonal wire mesh and then galvanized into 1" wire mesh used as platform tennis courts fencing.
Three rows of wire mesh openings are showed, the wire mesh openings are all hexagonal openings.
PTW-04: Hexagonal wire mesh made by 16 gauge wire and woven into continuous triple twisted 1" wire mesh netting.

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